The MMWT pt. 3 Edition

What fun we may have missed out on last week due to sickness we certainly made up for this week. We were constantly on the go, seeing and doing, exploring and making many a memories.

To the week's highlights!

1. Olympic Swim Trials!
I can remember being very young and watching the summer Olympics - specifically the swimming events, and being totally awestruck. I swam on swim team most of my childhood, and into high school, so the sport is something I love and love to watch. When an opportunity arose to see the best of the best in the US (specifically Michael Phelps) I couldn't pass it up. The best part was that I was able to share it with Marcus and Julia.
I know Julia won't remember, and I've got my fingers crossed the event is something that will stick with Marcus. But for me? It was literally a dream come true.

2. Adventureland!

Growing up a summer must was a trip to the only amusement park in Iowa, Adventureland. 
This summer Grandma and I packed up the kids, met up with one of my favorite friends, Sally (whom I met through blogging!), and her son, and we treated the kids to an afternoon of fun. 

3. Quad Rides!
No trip home would be complete without a few mornings spent zipping around on the quad. Marcus loved it and asked me repeatedly to, "Punch it, Mom!"

4. Swim Lessons!

Each morning was spent with Marcus in swim lessons. 
It was kind of a trip to see him in the same pool where I was taught, as well as the same pool where I used to teach. It's like my aquatics world had come full circle.
I'd be lying if I said I was one proud momma when the certificate of advancement was given to Marcus at the end of the session.

5. Sunsets and Sparklers and Rainbows
We were lucky to catch a couple classic Iowa sunsets. 
There was also a thunderstorm or two that produced some of the most magical rainbows. 
After the storm passed we pulled out the sparklers and let Marcus have some fun.


  1. Will you be in KC all weekend? Hopefully the monsoons we're predicting don't happen and you can enjoy your weekend! Sounds like it was fun. Nothing like time with family.

  2. HOW COOL that you got to see the swim trials! It looks like an amazing time overall and that rainbow picture? EVERYTHING. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a fantastic trip full of Midwest fun!! So cool that your dad is a radio DJ and that Marcus got to give it a try!! And I love that first picture with the SWIM letters! What a cool experience to witness those Olympic trials! Can't wait for the Olympics next month!!!!!

  4. Omg...watching Michael Phelps would be amazing!! So jealous. :) so special to share it with your kiddos too. Love all the fun stuff you fit into your trip. I'm heading to the Midwest in a few weeks and can't wait.

  5. Seriously, minus the brief sickness, best vacation ever! You do the most fun things and pack so much goodness into a short time. I love that you got to go to the Olympic trials and love that your swimming has come full circle that Marcus could take swim lessons where you not only took them but taught too. So cool!

  6. My college roommates were in Omaha for the College World Series & 1 of them used to swim as well, so while they were in town for ball they also went to the swimming. Pretty sure she was basically in awe of their speed. Glad things took a turn for the better after everyone was over their respective sickness. Looks like y'all had a fun week! Hope a fun & safe weekend is in store for the holiday Monday!

  7. So glad we could hang for a while :)) We loved our time with you!! Those little buddies just get cuter and cuter!!!!!

  8. Except for the Olympic trials this all looks, sounds and smells like Iowa! :)

  9. Looks amazing! The swim trials must have been so cool!

  10. Your vacation is amazing! Im sad to see it end as Ive been having the most fun seeing all your pictures! Seeing the swim event is too cool! I also swam in a team (backstroke and free) :)

  11. Look at all the fun stuff you guys are doing! What a special time with you & your kiddos. I bet you can't wait to get back to your hubby, though! LOVE the sparkler shot!

  12. That is amazing that you were able to watch the swim trials. I am a terrible swimmer, but I do enjoy watching the swim events.

  13. What an awesome trip friend. I love that you were able to sneak in some swim lessons too, how cool is that?! Plus the swim trials? I was giddy just watching them on TV cant even fathom in person.

  14. It sounds like you're having a great time in Iowa! Love that you got to see the swim trials- that would be cool. Seriously, your trip is like the quintessential summer vacation!

  15. So, so so cool that you were able to go and watch the US Olympic swim trials! And to share it with your sweet babies, too! Adventureland looks like so much fun and how neat that you were able to meet up with a blog friend. Love all of the photos, especially those last two!

  16. I think that's so cool that you were able to see the Olympic swim trials


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