A Weekend of Big Wheels

You know you're a boy mom when…

  • Your Saturday is spent checking out  firetrucks, buses, dump trucks, earth movers, and police vehicles. 

{{We attended Long Beach's Touch a Truck event. And while it was pretty sweet to get up close and personal with the big trucks that make every little boys' world go 'round, it was also insanely busy. We saw many big trucks and big vehicles, but were only able to actually get on a few - so much of our time was spent standing in line. Next year we'll go early.}}

  • And Sunday is spent at an Armed Forces Appreciation event.

This WWII Jeep was hands down the highlight for both Scott and Marcus. We lingered here the longest.
{{The military branches brought out all sorts of tanks and trucks. Many of those vehicles were open for the public to get in, get on, and check out. Marcus thought it was just the coolest and bounced from one big piece of equipment to the next.}}

I'm still trying to decide who had the most fun with all the big wheeled vehicles… Scott or Marcus.


  1. Aaahhh so much fun what a completely perfect weekend for a little boy... or a big one too :).

  2. hahaha dad has fun too! Those are really awesome events. Touch a Truck ha, made me laugh. Great name. He looks so cute climbing and sitting and exploring. Aria got to check out a helicopter when she was one, but I think she'd like it better now.

  3. How cool is this? Such a fun activity for kids (and parents! :) to enjoy! I think we have something similar in our town- I'll have to look because I bet Reese would love it!

  4. We have one on our calender for June 6th and it will be the first one C attends so I'm hoping he loves it. I remember going with my baby brother when he was little and I had a good time myself.

    I'm going to say Scott loved it just as much as Marcus. We all know boys never grow up!

  5. Mason would have been in Heaven! He loves this kind of stuff. Marcus looks adorable in all of these pictures! Tanks, hummers, jeeps…awesomesauce!!

  6. Ummmm bottom right pic!!! Love it!!!

  7. Shut up!!! I'm SO MAD I didn't know about this! I literally saw like 5 people post on FB about it this weekend and was so mad I hadn't heard about it. Dang it! It looks like SO MUCH FUN (for Marcus AND Scott!)! How did you find out about it? I want to go next year! Remind me :) Where was the armed forces day??

  8. How fun! I love looking at all the military vehicles.

  9. OMG, best weekend ever!! Mac would have died and gone to heaven!! Amazing!! You are such a good boy mom!


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