The Appeal of IKEA

We are eyeballs deep in searching for a place to call *our* home. Because of that this week has been b-u-s-y! If we aren't scouring listing sights for new properties we are touring properties, and all of that has made this week fly by.

Jumping into the big fives from the week:

1) Yesterday one of the first things to pop up on my Facebook feed was this:
It's the little things in life… :)

2) My friend convinced me to make a weekday trip to IKEA. The last time I went was on a Sunday afternoon. Lesson learned. Week days are the way to go. And, I actually enjoyed the place, I can finally understand the appeal of IKEA. Picking out "stuff" for where ever we call home will be good times!
These two were our little shopping assistants. They were high-fiving (how appropriate for today's post) the successful trip.

3) These two are so stinking cute together. We asked if they would hold hands, and the obliged.
Heart exploded.
Now, please excuse me while I go sob in a corner… When did my baby decide it was ok to hold any other girls hand besides mine?!

4) My life long BFF, Amy, and her family are coming to visit us in April. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT! There are so many things I already have planned for all of us to do while they're here. I hope her family is ready for my action-packed itinerary.
Is it April, yet?
This was the last picture taken of the two of us together before we became mommies. :)
5) Oh, Kid President, you certainly have a way with words…
"You're awake. You're awesome. Live like it!"
Letter to A Person on Their First Day Here
Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend! Love the kid president - so great!

  2. That waterfall picture doesn't even look real! Oh, and Mitchell better be holding no other lady's hand but mine :)

  3. Umm, is M cheating on Molly? Lol! I hope that your plans include a trip to the amazing Queen Mary

  4. I want to visit an Ikea so bad! We don't have one here so I've never been, however, we are getting one next year and I CANNOT WAIT!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Sending you positive vibes on finding the perfect place!

    That is so awesome that they used your picture. Can't blame them since it is a gorgeous one. I love that they credited you! You know how some places tend to forget that sometimes.

    I've never been to an IKEA before. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing but I really, really want to go. I've just never been very close to one.

    And I think you know by now that I love the way you dress Marcus! Cutest little outfit.

    Yay for BFFs visiting!

    Kid President is the best! Such great messages and it's nice to see that the message are coming from a child.

    I hope that you have a great weekend!

  6. ohhh how i love KP.
    so excited you get visitors in april! i can not wait until WEEEEE visit! because its all about me.
    ikea. blows my mind every time. love them.

  7. Thanks south for sharing that video! I absolutely love kid president. How profound are his videos! I should watch his videos every morning so I can be a good person all day :)

  8. oh my word, high fiving and hold hands! how sweet =)

    How fun to have your BFF visit! I'm sure that will be an awesome time.

  9. Isn't IKEA just amazing? Since I was pregnant during the hottest part of the summer, I would go there just to walk sometimes :)

  10. Ooo, I can't wait to hear about your new place -- hope you find it soon!!! Having any luck, any contenders?

    I've never been to IKEA, would like to go sometime just to see what it's like. I think Chicago is the closest one to me, if we ever get over there I guess I should plan a shopping trip.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love your high fives! That is an awesome picture so how cool that it got promoted. I have never been to ikea but always wanted to go!

  12. I'm sorry.... Is your kid like five now?! When did he grow up?

  13. That K-State sweat suit is probably my favorite thing ever! And you're so right...Ikea is made for weekdays!

  14. IKEA is the best and it's so much fun to experience in person! Those two are adorable, seriously so cute! I'm ready for the beach too! Is is summer yet??

  15. Totally jealous of Ikea. We have none here in Maine, and the closest one to us is in Massachusetts. I keep telling my hubby we need to go there for a couple of days and just spend a day at Ikea! ha!

    1. A trip just for IKEA sounds like an awesome plan to me! Just be sure to go on a week day! Weekend stints at IKEA are for the birds!

  16. Did you go to IKEA after we talked? Did you get Cheeks a table?

  17. yay for that photo credit! that's awesome and such a great photo!! Hope you're having a good weekend!!

  18. Oh, don't even get me started on IKEA. It's very, VERY dangerous for me to go into that store. I always walk in saying, "I'm just looking." I walk out with about 10 bags of stuff. And yay on the photo credit! That's awesome!

  19. How totally awesome & what a great way to start your time on Facebook to see your picture & photo credit show up in your news feed! Did you run around and want to share & tell everyone you knew that you were technically Facebook "famous" like I would have? Lol, cause I totally would have!! Hope you have all had a good weekend. :)

  20. I have never been to IKEA but we are going next month when we are in Atlanta for Spring Break. Can't wait!!


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