Sand, Sun, Surf (and a Popsicle)

We did something this weekend that we clearly don't do often enough.
After packing 428 toys, lunches for all three of us, two beach towels, a beach mat, enough sunscreen to coat an army of men, and a wagon to pull all our goods (perhaps that extensive list of items is why our trips don't happen as often as we'd like), we made our way to the beach!
It's been quite some time since Marcus has curled his toes in the sand.
He clearly missed the place as much as Scott and me.
Between shoveling sand, running amuck, and playing football, it was one excitement after the next for all of us.
It brought my heart so much joy to see him so jubilant.
This is my favorite picture from our beach-y weekend.
Initially, the booming crash of the waves frightened the little man. Thankfully, Dad came to the rescue to show Marcus the awesomeness of the ocean.
Marcus and I were able to sit down and share a Popsicle and a few quite moments together.
But, eventually the Popsicle became more captivating than Mom or Dad.
The child was in a salty, sweet, sandy heaven.
Scott was kind enough to keep a watchful eye on Marcus while I pretended to play photographer. Of the 131 photos taken from our day (I'm not even kidding), I think this one is my favorite of our afternoon view.
Not too often we can snag a picture of all three of us. 
I think the look on the little guy's face says it all.
The beach was a solid success.


  1. Oh man I miss the beach. I love all the photos - it looks like the little man had a GREAT time.

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful day! Thank you for the warmth on this cold Wisconsin day!

  3. It looks like you had a great day. I still haven't been to the beach here yet.

  4. Wow! Awesome pics!! Sooooo jealous. Need to plan a trip out there stat!

  5. I dream of the day that I and my family can see the beach! so beautiful!

  6. So fun!!! It has been a little too chilly for the beach but I can't wait to take Aria now that she is mobile/toddling.

  7. Great photos! I was dreaming about a snow day since we haven't had any yet this winter, but these pictures make me long for the summer instead :)

  8. Awesome photos! I can't wait to take Clay to the beach this summer!

  9. I've given in to the fact that for the next few months, I'm going to be looking at lots of pictures of your gorgeous family playing in gorgeous weather while we're still schlepping through all the snow. I'll try to hide my jealousy but I can't promise anything. ;)

  10. I Love the chocolate face!! He's so happy! :)

  11. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the one of the 3 of you sitting down the best =) Alright now I will tell you how freaking jealous I am of your weather!!!! Haha

  12. I wish I lived this close to the beach! Your photos are pretty! You are getting to be quite the photographer! I wish I could learn faster how to use mine!

  13. Gaah... these pictures are amazing... love your shirt

  14. Holy perfection! Those are the best days - fun at the beach, just enjoying each other and taking in the sites and sounds of just being. LOVE IT!!


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