Wall Crawl {{Kansas City}}

I've been meaning to get our Midwest Summer tour up and posted for, oh, I don't know, almost two months? But, life. And blogging took a serious back seat as we wrapped up Summer, celebrated a second birthday, and prepped and started Kindergarten.

Now that we're back into a pretty solidified routine I feel I can take a deep breath and spend a little more time with this space.

All that said, I didn't want to forget all the fabulous facades we scouted out while we visited the Midwest.

Let's start with Kansas City. The series of walls we found are from two different trips to KC. So, this maybe (probably) should be a couple of different posts, but I'm a rebel and said screw it, it's going in one.

I'll be the first to admit, I wasn't expecting much in the way of walls. But, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I was totally and completely blown away by the number of murals and wall art found all throughout the city. We found SO many, with so many left to explore and capture.

1919 Baltimore Avenue, KC, MO
Kansas City, we really are so in love.
These two murals can be found on the same wall.
I'd love to shake the hand of the person who thought to put up that sign about blocking the mural. Every mural needs a tow away zone in front of it!

1720 Main Street, KC, MO
This one is atop a parking structure, and it's massive. You can't miss this one.
Though I don't have an exact address, this one was in the general vicinity of the KC I'm So In Love wall.
If you've found the wall directly above this one, you've found this one, too. These two murals share a wall.
This mural was phenomenal, and collectively, took up three walls. I didn't have the best light, so there are sun flares a plenty, as well as shadows that I'm not particularly loving.
This wall series is found at
421 Southwest Blvd, KC, MO
Props to Marcus for spotting this one! It's the exterior of a parking garage.
The corner of 10th and Baltimore, KC, MO.
This mural is HUGE. I didn't even capture a quarter of it. And it's apparently titled, "Town of Kansas."
222 West 3rd Street, KC, MO
This has been on my wall bucket list for ages. To finally get to it had me as giddy as a kid in a candy shop. The entire exterior of this Kansas City Community Bookshelf looks like, well, a bookshelf!
14 W. 10th Street, KC, MO
Found outside the infamous (if you live in KC) American Royal. This is two parallel steel panels, spanning 120 feet, with 15 cut outs of running bulls. The kids had an exceptionally fun time climbing in and out of the cut outs.
1701 American Royal Court, KC, MO
We just happened to find this random, abandon, colorful building while out and about.
I can't pin point where we found this, but it's somewhere in the Crossroads district.
The Royals have a series of murals painted around town, and I was on a quest to get to as many as possible. This was one of them, and it was massive. I couldn't get the whole mural and the kids, and not get run over by a car (because I would have had to have stood in the middle of a very busy street).

Found across the street from Boulevard Brewing Company
2501 Southwest Blvd, KC, MO
The second Raised Royal Mural. 
This is located on the back of 421 Southwest Blvd, KC, MO
We happened upon this one.
It's in the Crossroads district, around 17 Street and Oak, KC, MO

18th (ish) and Oak (ish).
When blogging friends become real life friends. And they can be persuaded to join in crazy wall posing antics.
This one is found inside Kauffman Stadium. On the main concourse behind left field.
The next series of walls/murals are all found on the side of one building, which made it oh-so convenient to capture several in a quick amount of time.
Oak and 17th Street, KC, MO
This was a fun find!
Roughly located at 1701 Oak Street, KC, MO
Donuts? A wall with a donut? Of COURSE we had to make a stop.
1009 Westport Road, KC, MO
At Broadway and Westport
I'm not picky, I love all of Kansas City.
3945 Main Street, KC, MO
This city will forever have a huge piece of my heart.
1814 Oak Street.
I know we didn't find them all, but we sure tried! And I already have a running list of other phenomenal art and walls that we need to track down on our next trip back, let's just hope I have two willing kids (and a willing husband) to entertain my crazy wall-loving ways.


  1. You got SO MANY good ones!!! I love them all, but of course am especially fond of the donut one (because #donuts) and all the KC Royals ones AND THE LIBRARY!!! My goodness. If our library looked like that... I'd go more often LOL.

  2. Ok now I HAVE to go back to KC and find more walls!!!

  3. So many great walls!! Makes me wanna go out and explore my own city! ;)

  4. Wow!! SO. MANY. WALLS. I am beyond amazed KC has so many! And yay, I made the blog post!! Does that mean it's been two months since we've seen each other?!

  5. I am 100% blown away that you all had access to these walls. They are fun, full of color and make great photos!

  6. I've found a lot of the same ones. We saw the 2nd raised royal one randomly and stopped for a picture. I think I saw another one also but didn't get to it yet. Great pictures!

  7. So many fun Royals murals and the DONUT! Love it!

  8. Ohhh that bookshelf mural has my booklover heart beating!! You need to get a Travel Channel deal where they pay you to scout murals across the US. Not even joking. Look into it ;)

  9. I love your wall crawls. You find so many amazing ones!


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