The Year of Color {Yellow} Edition

This month's Year of Color snuck right up on me. I kept telling myself I had all the time in the world to come up with some really fabulous yellow stuff, and then boom, it was yesterday.

So, instead of spreading out our fun like we've been doing the past few months, the kids and I did all the yellow things in one afternoon. I thought it might be kind of stressful, but it turns out we all had a lot of fun, learned some new stuff, and not once did I hear the whiny, "I'm boooooooored," or the high pitched screech that can only be made by a 21-month old when she's not getting her way.
I really wanted to find a yellow wall, but that just didn't happen. I settled with the three of us in yellow threads instead. It also needs to be noted that Julia was in a particularly good mood and gave me some good stuff for our pics.

I wanted to find a book dedicated to yellow. But, total procrastination left me with no such luck. However, the kids library is chuck full of books with yellow covers. So, I set the kids to work, and had them pull every single yellow covered book they could find. We spent a good portion of our afternoon snuggled up on Marcus' bed reading some favorites that have been somewhat forgotten.
The particular book we're reading in these photos is Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss, and Marcus absolutely LOVES it. He loves trying to identify all the "wacky" things on each page.

To keep our afternoon moving along smoothly, I figured a boxed cake mix and some sprinkles would be easy enough. I wasn't wrong. Marcus helped me add all. the. sprinkles. to make a batch of Funfetti Gooey Bars.
With kids you cannot go wrong with sprinkles and white chocolate chips. Full confession: these are a bit too sweet for my liking, but these two had exactly zero issues consuming every last morsel of their bars.

If I had to guess, this was Marcus' favorite activity of the afternoon. I can't say I blame him, as I was pretty amazed by it as well. 
We made our own "quicksand" with a super easy recipe of two parts baking soda (I used a half cup) to one part water (a quarter cup), and I tossed in a few drops of yellow food coloring so it would coincide with our theme. We mixed up the concoction until it felt like a solid in our hands, but when left in the mixing bowl it looked like a liquid. We added the quicksand to a cylinder tube we have from another experiment kit, and then went about the house looking for objects we wanted to sink in the quick sand. 
We were pretty optimistic about the number of things we were going to sink. In total we collected 10 items, but ended up only sinking four. Such is life with little kids. 

Our submerged items ended up being a kids spoon, a green crayon, a domino, and a C battery. Before dropping them individually in the quick sand we guessed which items we thought would sink the fastest. Marcus chose the spoon and I selected the C battery. 
Quicksand Reference
It took the spoon 1:13 to sink, the green crayon 1:40 to sink, the domino 1:02, and the battery only :47. 

To date, I think this may be our favorite experiment, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one happens again in the future. 

Lastly, our craft. I really wanted Julia in on this because the baking and experiment portions are just a little too much for her yet. This one, however, she could totally do, and she actually wanted to do it after seeing Marcus have a go at it first. 
Bee Handprint inspiration

Little bumblebee handprints! A few swipes of yellow and black washable paint along the palms and fingers (exclude the thumbs), a quick dot with a permenant marker for the eye, and few yellow wings snipped out of construction paper, and the kiddos had the cutest little craft done in under five minutes. BAM! That's my kind of craft.

That wraps up May! Don't forget to drop your link if you're joining us this month for all the yellow things!

Next month (6/16) is PURPLE!


  1. I love your yellow outfits and how you were dressed perfectly for your day of "yellow" things. Those funfetti bars look so good!!!

  2. How fun is this?!! Love the idea!

  3. Well for doing all the things in a day I am beyond impressed! But lets be real, this is the story of my life ;)

  4. I kinda love that you just had a big yellow themed day! And may I just say that yellowbis totally the whole family's color.

  5. I love all your fun yellow things, the bee craft is so cute! And I cannot believe all the great pictures you got with Julia! She's such a little doll!

  6. So much fun! I love the idea of choosing all the yellow books at the library!

  7. Holy cow you are creative! I mean, from having nothing to having all this? You are my hero.
    I mean, choosing all the yellow covered books in Marcus's collection is genius. And that quicksand? We might need to make that! That actually sounds really fun even just for me lol.

  8. You're so creative with these! Loving the outfits :) And look at Julia looking like she's enjoying the photoshoot, haha!

  9. Those little bees are so cute! I love yellow!

  10. What a fun way to celebrate the color yellow. I keep meaning to join in and it never happens. Maybe I can make it happen in June.

  11. I think that quick sand experiment is so cool! Rhys would love it!


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