Julia || 15 Months

A quarter of the way through the year! A look at what's been happening this month:
Bow || Purse || Moccs
You had your 15 month well-baby check up this week, and ooooooh goodness, was it drama filled. Before the doctor even set a finger on you it was a tantrum. I literally laughed the entire time because there was so much drama for zero reason. When it was time for shots? Holy moly, you'd think the nurses were sawing off limbs. I'm glad that's behind us. The doctor laughed when he wanted to see how you were walking, direct quote, "She doesn't walk, she runs!" Truer words couldn't have been said.
Current weight: 19 pounds 14 ounces - 10th percentile.
Current height: 31 inches - 75th percentile.
You're still long and lean.
Four new teeth (molars) have popped through, bringing the total to 12. I expect to see more, as you've been a drooling mess for quite some time. 

Marcus - as always.
Playing with Marcus' toys.
Laughing and making others laugh.
Pointing out airplanes and helicopters in the sky.
Getting as filthy as possible in the shortest amount of time.
"Hiding" your head in your little Land of Nod chair, popping up and shouting, "Boo!"
Playing outside.
Going up and down, and up and down, and up and down stairs.
Being lightly tickled on your back and face, it's one of the ways we calm you down if you're upset.
Nursing - two times a day (right before bed and right when you wake)
Izzy - our cat. I have no idea what draws you to her, as she wants exactly nothing to do with you.

You've really let up on the stranger-danger phase, and have become quite adventurous. You try your very hardest to keep up with Marcus and all the other big kids we see daily.

Being told no.
Getting diapers changed (why is this such a struggle?!).
Being held, or placed in a car seat/stroller when you really just want to walk/run.
Having your finger nails clipped.
The garbage truck.
Sitting still isn't real high on your list of things you like.
Bow || Jacket
New words are constantly being added to the mix. Currently animals and animal sounds are a big hit. Doggy, kitty, woof, quack - all words you like to say.
"Drake" (our dog) and "bubble" have most recently been add as well.
I'm just waiting for the day when you figure out "no."

Like clockwork, you go to bed between 6:30 and 7:00, and sleep through the night. On a good day we'll "sleep in" until 5:00. But, most days we're up at 4:30 (coffee is my saving grace).
You take two naps a day. One around 8:45am and again around 2:00pm. Typically, each is about an hour to 90 minutes.
I love your sass and spunk, the snuggles when you'll give them, and I love the light you bring to our lives every single day. You exhaust me in ways I never thought possible, yet bring so much joy and life to this family. This month has been one of the most fun ones to date, and I'm excited to see what's in store.
Cheers to the next month!


  1. Julia is just precious, Desiree. Wyatt is obsessed with airplanes, helicopters & the moon. haha! I think both of our kids sound so similar to each other. Wyatt & Julia seem to keep us both on our toes. haha!

  2. Just stop! That first outfit with the kitty purse kills me. She's gotten so big an dis a toddler now. It's just not okay. :)

  3. That hair. It is giving me glimpses of what she will look like in another year and oh my stars. Y'all are in trouble in another 15 years. These pictures are adorable and make me miss the days that my girls could wear rompers.

  4. Ok, I love her except that she wakes up way too early in the morning! I would not be ok with getting up that early. :)

  5. I adore that first photo!! The bow, the purse, the mocs! She's going to be the girliest girl and I love it!!

  6. Holy cow! 4:30am! That is so early! Loving all of the pictures, too cute!

  7. Oh her in that dress and the kitty purse. I die! Calvin has figured out how to say no and it's killing me. He will say no no no no and swing his arm if you offer him something he doesn't like.

  8. I seriously can't get enough of her face! And her dr appts sound just like finn's. So much drama! But hey, at least you have a little peanut. Meanwhile, I am leggings around all nearly 28 lbs of finn!

  9. She is so cute!! Oh man, I don't know how you do 4:30 wakeups; yikes! At least your kid sleeps through the night though :D Haha! Charlotte loves the animal sounds too - what does a doggy say? etc. And WHY is it so hard to clip fingernails?! I struggle with that all the time :)

  10. She is just the happiest of babies. Well.. I guess she isn't a baby anymore is she? Time slow down please!

  11. that coy smile -- goodness. gracious.

  12. Oh goodness, Julia. The cutest dressed little girl in all the land! I love that she is still a huge fan of Marcus and hates the word no (don't we all, Julia!). Every time I take Mason to the doctor, which is only once a year now, he just KNOWS and starts screaming immediately too... even when he's not getting shots. Also, he HAAAAAATES getting his toe nails clipped but not his finger nails. Makes no sense to me, you'd think it would be the same, but nope. I should have added that on your post yesterday actually. I was so stinkin thankful that he let me cut his toe nails without moving around too much. It was a miracle!

  13. She's adorable! We're struggling with diaper changes now too- ugh!


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