The Beach Babes

The past five days have been pretty spectacular. My best friend and her little family have been visiting us, and it's been pretty epic.
In keeping them busy *we* have been busy.
Our first stop was naturally the beach, where both our littles were in heaven.

While their family vacation was supposed to wrap up yesterday, a cancelled flight has them staying with us for a few more days (YAY!!).
While these two cuties have their toes in the sand please excuse our absence from the blogging world. We'll be back soon!
One last thing before we go… Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Lorelei, we are so honored to be spending your special day with you!


  1. Such cute pictures. Again, Totally jealous of your beach weather. Ughh!! Hahaha =) Enjoy your time with friends!

  2. So cute! Enjoy the extra time with your friend!!! Can't wait to see more cute photos when you're back!

  3. What adorable pictures, esp that last one...awwww! Hooray for a cancelled flight - don't hear that too often. My grandma came to visit us in CO when we were out there and it snowed so much her flight was cancelled so we got an extra few days with her. Have fun with your friends and their cutey.

  4. I love that last picture! It looks like you have had a wonderful time.

  5. Ohmygoodness! These pictures are way too precious! Enjoy your sweet time with your friends! -xo


  6. What a beautiful day! Happy birthday to her :)

  7. I excuse you, because if I was near the beach....we'd be there ALL day EVERY day!

  8. I cannot wait to hear all about the visit

  9. Gahhhh. I'm going to have to stop reading your blog because all of these beach pictures are killing me!! Hahaha. Charlotte's weather can't even get its act together for a nice pool day.


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